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Downloads normal, terrain, satellite and hybrid maps from Google Maps to the PC so that they can be viewed without an Internet connection. It includes the ability to merge multiple maps into a larger BMP image file.

Google Maps Downloader allows you to download Google Maps to your PC. The utility accesses Google Maps and downloads certain areas of the maps, so that you can use them offline. This tool is made up of two separate applications: the downloader and a map viewer.

The map downloader works well, but it is not very intuitive. The user interface is basic enough, but the way in which you select the areas to download is too hard for the average user. You have to use longitude and latitude to select an area. I know that isn't too hard for people who know a little about geography, but the average user will probably move on, as soon as they have to do some research about the subject. It really is as easy as Googling the area and getting the coordinates. But it would have been nice if you could simply drag and drop a square on a Google Map to select an area.

The map viewer allows you to view the maps that you have downloaded. You have to open the project files saved with the downloader and the maps will display. However, I don't see a way to zoom in or out. Also, the viewer has no controls at all. You simply drag your mouse around to move the map.

You can use the images downloaded from Google Maps for your GPS cache, if you know how to do that. Also, it is nice to have your maps for offline access. I just wish it would be easier to download maps with this tool.

The trial version limits the zoom level to 11.

José Fernández
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  • It works well


  • You can't download the satellite imagery
  • Not intuitive at all
  • The viewer is very limited
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